Faith & Life Groups: Fall 2017

Would you like an opportunity to get to know some new people at First Church?  Are you looking for dynamic conversation and meaningful connections?  Would you value an opportunity to think about how faith is relevant to “the rest of life?”

This fall you are invited to join a Faith & Life Group.  Each group will focus on a shared interest and will be led by someone with a passion for the subject.  These groups are time-limited and designed to take place during October and November.

Read the descriptions below and sign up to participate.


Please provide the best number for a group facilitator to reach you.


Living Faithfully in the Promised Land

In the books of the Former Prophets (Joshua, Judges, Samuel, and Kings), the Israelites are led by God across the Jordan and into the Promised Land. Yet as they settle their tribes and even establish a treasured kingship, the people struggle to live faithfully according to God's commandments. In this scripture study of the Old Testament, we will be sharing the stories from these four books and talking about what it means to live faithfully to God in these modern times. Learn what the lives of the ancient Israelites mean for your life today.

Leader: Jen Bloesch
Meeting Times: The group will decide on Wednesday evenings, Thursdays evenings, or Thursday afternoons.


The U.S. in Asia in the 1960's

The Ken Burns documentary now showing on PBS brings back memories and reminds us of issues from half a century ago. What are your thoughts as you watch the program? Any memories you’d care to
share in a conversation? Perry served in the Army in Vietnam from 1966 to ’68, while Dave was in the first Peace Corps group to go to Korea during those same two years. We plan to have two meetings, the
first to reflect on the Ken Burns documentary, and the second, to join Perry and Dave in some listening and sharing about their experiences and about ours.

Leader: Perry Neubauer and Dave McCann
Meeting Times: Two evening meetings in November


Birding for All

Join avid bird watcher Marianne Jensen for a chance to spend time attuning yourself to your natural surroundings right here in Cambridge-- and getting to know your avian neighbors! The group will gather early in the morning to explore three different spots ideal for birdwatching around Cambridge: Danehy Park, Mount Auburn and Fresh Pond. It’s going to be a wonderful chance to spend time outdoors while learning
a little bit about each of the species of birds local to our area.

Leader: Marianne Jensen
Meeting Times: TBA, depending on the schedules of participants


Knitting for Fun and Service

This group will meet for conversation and to enjoy each other’s company as we knit hats for the Friday Café. Other knitting projects are also welcome!

Leader: Marian Smith
Meeting Times: TBA, Likely a few Thursdays 11-1, with people bringing their own lunch.


On the Way to Freedom

Utilizing an introduction to the work of Rene Girard developed by the Corrymeela Community of Reconciliation in Northern Ireland, this group will explore the strange ways of human desire and the conflicts it generates, not only among nations but among neighbors and inside ourselves as well. Our approach will be an anthropological one as we learn about the interconnected nature of relationships and desires, imitation, and scape-goating.Our text will be our own stories and Roel Kaptein’s book On the Way to Freedom, which is available as a free downloadable PDF. If you can tell a story and reflect on the stories of others, this group is for you.

Leader: Jean Horstman

Meeting Times: To be determined according to participants' schedules