First Church Fall Retreat - Registration is Open!

Friday evening, September 29 - Sunday midday, October 1

Craigville Conference Center, Craigville, Cape Cod


First Church will host its Annual All-ages, All-church Retreat September 29 – October 1.  Given that our new spaces will be almost ready, our theme at this year’s Retreat will be related to space and spirituality!  How can we find space in our full lives for connection with God and one another? How do physical circumstances shape our spiritual lives? Let’s do some dreaming together about the spaces that await us when we return and about what we can do with our new kitchen!


As always, there will be plenty of time (and space!) for yourself, time with your family, time to mix it up with others you may not know. Childcare and children's activities will be offered as well, with help from parents and all of us. Click here to access the online registration form. Every effort has been made to keep the Retreat affordable, and scholarships will be available.